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About N.Y.Compounding


>To become Registered Pharmacist in New York State, students have to clear Pharmacy Part III. 

>This exam consists of two different sections: Theory and Practical. Both are conducted on different days.

DAY 1 :


It consists of 40 points and time duration of 3-hours. This exam is a paper test.

There are three different sections in the exam:

1. Look a likes & Sound a likes Drugs 8 points 8 questions
2. Errors & Omissions 20 points 10 questions each of 2 points
3. Patient Profiles 12 points 3 profiles each of 4 points

1. Look-a-likes & Sound-a-likes Drugs:

There are total of 8 questions and indications would be given on the test paper. This type of question needs to fill in the number of a corresponding indication into the space given. Do not write more than one number in the answer space.

To get a full point both the part should be correct.

Indication can be found in:

  • Pharmaceutical package insert
  • Drugs Facts and Comparison
  • MPR monthly prescribing reference
  • AHFS Drug Information

2. Errors & Omissions (Prescription Verification):

In this type of question, a set would be given. A set consists of written prescription, a pharmacy label and the product image. This type of question are more tricky and precise. The candidates have to verify the given set and find out if it has an error or no error. If you find an error or omission has been occurred in filling the prescription, the student has to write a short answer for example Wrong Drug or Wrong Direction and specific descriptive answer (5 to 10 words) to get a full 2 points.

3. Patient Profiles:

Students will be presented with a new prescription along with a patients profile. For each profile, candidate will be asked to identify the problem with the prescription and to identify the problem you get 2 points. To give corrective measures to the problem you get 2 points. If there is no problem in the prescription, then justify the reason for dispensing the prescription as written.



This is a practical test of 60 points. You have to prepare three products and answer few one line questions.

span style="font-weight: bold; font-family: courier new, courier, monospace; font-size: 12pt;">
1. Compounding an Intravenous Infusion (IV bag) 20 points
2. Compounding any one product (Suspension, Capsule, Ointment) 20 points
3. Compounding any one product (Suspension, Capsule, Oinment) 20 points

For more details click the link below 

Blueprint link: 

Any questions please contact on above website. Thank you