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About N.Y.Compounding

To become Registered Pharmacist in New York State, students have to clear Pharmacy Part III.  

Examination Format Part III exam (Scheduled for August 4, 2020)

  • Electronically administered exam to be proctored remotely

  • Three-hours in duration (there will be no break during the exam)

  • Exam composition:
    1. Patient profiles (16%): candidates will be provided with patient profiles and prescription order(s).  Candidates will be asked to evaluate the prescription order, determining if it is appropriate for the patien
    2. Errors and Omissions (24%):  Candidates will be asked to evaluate various prescription scenarios – The scenarios will include a prescription order, prescription label and product image.  Candidates will be asked to review the items presented and identify if there are any errors or omissions preventing the pharmacist from dispensing the order.
    3. Compounding (60%):  Candidates will be given both sterile and non-sterile medication orders.  Candidates will be asked questions pertaining to the calculations and procedures required to prepare such prescription orders. Advisory Notice: Pharmacy Part III (Compounding) Exam (Postponed from June 2020)

      The State Education Department is finalizing plans to offer the Part III pharmacy licensing exam electronically. The date for the exam is August 4, 2020. We are mindful of the need to ensure safety, security, and timeliness. As a result, the exam will be administered via computer and remotely proctored. We estimate that scores will be released within two weeks from the date of exam administration.

      The exam will cover the topics required by New York State regulation ("prescription compounding and pharmacy practice"), condensed into a one-day electronic format. The prescription compounding and pharmacy practice topics include but are not limited to:
      1. Sterile and Non-Sterile compounding preparation and technique
      2. Dose calculations
      3. Medication safety procedures
      4. Dispensing accuracy
      5. New York State and Federal Pharmacy Law
      In order to take the August exam, candidates must have registered for the original June 2020 administration and meet all eligibility requirements. The exam vendor will email candidates about the rescheduled exam date within the next few weeks. Please check this website periodically for updates.
    4. For more details click the link below

      Any questions please contact office of profession New York on above website. Thank you