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Terms Of Use

1. Promotional codes

On our website you will find promotional products for a specific period of time. These promotional codes are limited and may expire or discontinue without prior notice.

2. Order billing 

By confirming your purchase order at the end of the checkout process, you agree to accept and pay for the item(s). You also accept our terms of use, privacy policy and return policy.

3. Disclaimer

1) We are a separate group to serve students for their study relevant need.

2) The references provided on each page of our website are solely for the purpose to help students to get more authenticated information.

3) These references are not related to any advertisement or any other purposes.

4. Use of content

1) The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission of the publisher.(RPH GROUP LLC)

2) The information provided on Usapharmacyexams is to the best of our knowledge. We are here to provide you the best study exams that are beneficial for your studies. We do not wish to manipulate the content or misguide you. Student should not misuse this information for any other purpose and should use Usapharmacyexams as a constructive tool to achieve their career opportunities. This information should not be used to process any claim or with any other intention by the student, There might be slight variation in the information provided on our website. Please learn more from the authorized website to clarify you doubts and ideas.

Before using Usapharmacyexams students should keep in mind that we are not affiliated to NABP for publication of any of our Online Tests. The content mentioned on our webpage does not have any relevance to NABP. Student should accept the terms of use before commencing the registration process and ordering any of the exams they wish to practice on our website.

4) We possess no liabilities of your final test results. The fate is decided on what you have studied and how you have performed on the day of exam.